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Tuesday, July 24th 2012

5:57 PM

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Related article: Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 14:51:52 +0000 From: hankster1430bellsouth.net Subject: David and Jonathan Chapter 12David and Jonathan Chapter TwelveShortly after Matt and preteen penis photo Alan revealed their love to their parents, Phyllis and Michael went on a short vacation and Alan stayed with the Caldwells. The first night of Alan's stay, as everyone was preparing for bed, Matt told his fathers that it would upset both Alan and him if they acted differently with Alan in the house. That would mean that they had not as yet accepted Alan as family."What do you mean?" David asked innocently."I mean," Matt answered, "that you don't have to wear clothes or shut your bedroom door. Please just treat Alan as you would me."Sure," Jon answered. naturalist pre teens "It's a deal."When the house was secured and everyone had retired, Alan and Matt crept quietly into the twins' room. David and Jon were wrapped up in each other's arms kissing when the teen agers came in."No, no, this can't happen," Jon said. "Alan is under eighteen, and it would be a crime. Mike could put us in jail and DCS could take Matt away from us, so just scoot out of here."Alan laughed. "Well," he said, "I'm not telling. How about you, Matt? Are you going to tell? What about you, David and Jonathan? Are you going to tell?" sexy angels preteens And with that, he threw himself on David's cock. They all knew that David had a very low threshold of resistance. fuck preteen pussy And so began a wild evening of sex between fathers and sons. Only when they were all exhausted, did Matt and Alan return to their room and collapse into bed, holding each other tightly.The next morning was Saturday and everyone seemed reluctant to get out of bed, preferring to sleep in. Alan and Matt were stroking each other's cocks and talking softly."Last night was fantastic," Alan told Matt. "I've gotta thank your dads."Matt started to laugh."What's so funny?" Alan asked.Matt said to Alan, "I wonder how hard it would be to seduce your straight father. He's really so hot." Alan got hysterical with laughter."Yeah!" Alan said through his nudist preteen tgp laughter, but he's circumcised.The two boys laughed so loud that Jon yelled from the next room, "What are you laughing at.""Nothing," the boys yelled back in unison, and then quietly started to make a plan.On Phyllis's next bridge night, the boys arranged for a sleepover at the Buckman's. Mike, Alan and Matt were in the living room, and as soon as Phyllis left, Alan asked his father, "If I ask you something would you give me an honest answer?""I've always been honest with you. Why would you even question me?" Mike asked slightly hurt."Well, it might embarrass you, but since we're all guys here, I thought it would be all right.""OK shoot away," Mike told his son."Remember when I came out to you? You asked if it was real between Matt and me, because you knew that all young boys fooled around. You admitted that you had fooled around too. Matt and I would like to hear all about it," Alan said coyly.Mike turned red preteen upskirt pics as a beet. "You're right," he said, "that is a tough one, but here goes" He sat back on the sofa as if he were about to recite a narrative the length of War and Peace. When at last he seemed comfortable, he began.""When I was about eight, we moved to a new neighborhood and I began to attend the third grade in a new school in. I met a boy in my class named Shelly. preteen penis photo I don't even remember his last name. I wish I knew where Shelly was today. By the time we were finishing middle school, he made new friends and I did too, and we just preteen flash game slowly drifted apart."But until then, Shelly and I played together every day after school. We really were best friends. One day, when we were ten years old, we were walking home from school. A neighbor kid, Barry, walked with us and asked us if either one of us knew how to jerk off. We were totally naïve, and both of us needed to know what he was talking about. He told us he would show us, and he took us to his house and then down into the basement. Once we got down there, he dropped his pants, sat on a stool, and proceeded to stroke his weenie. Shelly and I knew what an erection was. After all, we both had one every morning when we woke up, but we were both surprised to see this kid inducing one. His cock was getting bigger and bigger. Also his breathing was becoming labored. Suddenly, he gave out a little shriek and some white, sticky stuff shot out of his piss hole. Now he was just a child, so he produced very little semen, and it was more liquid than goo."At this point in the narrative, it was obvious to both boys that Mike's crotch had expanded considerably. Mike continued."He told us how good it felt to do what he had just done, and instructed us to feel the sticky stuff. We both did and it was the first time I ever touched another guy's privates. Then, as he pulled up his pants, he told us we had to leave in case his folks came home."For the next couple of days, I tried to repeat what Barry had done, but nothing happened. Finally, I just gave up. Shelly reported the same disappointing results. Several days later, Shelly was in my house and we were playing together in my room. The door was closed and Shelly wondered if we should try to jerk off once again. We decided to give it a whirl. We dropped our pants and started stroking. Shelly observed how I was doing it and remarked that Barry had done it differently. He took my cock in his hand and started to show me how. Immediately I got as hard as I had ever been. I told him not to stop; it felt so good. In a short while I felt my first ever orgasm building in my groin. I was frightened and elated at the same time. When I shot, I had more gunk than Barry had, and for some reason that made me proud. Then I told Shelly that I would help him achieve the same wonderful results. It was the same thing. As soon as I touched him, his prick jumped secret preteen vids up and he exploded."After that, we played with each other all the time. Things progressed naturally, without further instruction. First we wondered how it would feel if we fucked each other in the ass. Then we wondered what it would feel like if we fucked each other's mouths. We weren't ashamed to try anything and we constantly increased each other's wet pre teens pleasure."This went on for almost three years. In that time, we became more sophisticated. We learned how babies were made and began to hear queer jokes all over the place. In fear, we both started to date girls, and just stopped fooling around."Mike paused. There was a smile on his face. "That's about it," he said. It's an all American boy story." That got all three of them laughing hysterically. When they came down to earth, Mike told them preteen flash game to go upstairs and get ready for bed.After they were showered, the boys called down to Mike. They wanted him to come upstairs. They had something to show him. When Mike entered his son's room, he didn't see the boys. They were hiding behind littlecuties preteen photos the door, totally naked. The two pounced on him, pinning him to the floor. "Let's wrestle," Alan said.Mike was having fun and went along with the game. As the three wrestled, the boys were removing his clothing. Mike was beginning to see where this horse play was heading. He wanted desperately to put a stop to it, but was enjoying the eroticism too much to stop now. Both boys had hardons, and he was rising up too. galleries preteen topless Matt was amazed. Mike's cock was at least an inch bigger than his dads' formidable appendages, and nearly as fat as Juan's.Before Mike knew what little preteen kds was happening, one nudist preteen tgp of them pulled down his boxers and his cock was enveloped in someone's wet, warm mouth. He lay prone on the floor with his eyes closed and just let it happen. He began to moan in pleasure when he felt lips upon his lips and a tongue probing to open his mouth. He began soul kissing whoever it was. He opened his eyes to see that it was Matt. His own son was sucking his cock. ninude preteen models Instead of feeling disgust or guilt or anything else he was supposed to feel, he was so turned on by what was happening that he was consumed with lust. When Matt pulled his lips away from Mike's mouth, he positioned himself to offer his cock to Mike's mouth. Mike was instantly transported back to his games with Shelly. He hungrily took Matt's cock in his mouth and began to suck greedily. Shelly had been circumcised and Matt wasn't. Mike became aware that he had to get Matt's heavy foreskin out of the way. This new sensation made him even hornier, if it was possible.The preteen stomach ache boys were very ready for this encounter. Alan stopped sucking Mike and started lubricating his cock. bbs list preteen As soon as he got it nicely slicked, fuck preteen pussy Matt sat down on it. It slipped in easily and right to the hilt on the first try. Matt clamped his ass hole shut and made himself preteen stomach ache nice and tight as he started to ride Mike. Alan took Matt's former position and Mike began to suck his son's cock. Mike reached forward and took Matt's cock in his hand and began stroking it in time to Matt's fucking rhythm.It didn't take very long for all three of them to cum. As they lay on the floor trying to recover, Alan knew that his father would begin to have regrets. Before that could happen, he clamped his lips on Mike. This didn't allow Mike to do much talking. In fact he began to kiss wet pre teens back, and their tongues began to duel. Then Matt took Alan's place kissing Mike, and Alan started to recite a well rehearsed monologue."Dad," he said. "Please listen to me for a minute. "Outside of Matt, there's nobody I love more than you. Everyday, all around me, I hear people telling other people that they love one another. After a while those words become meaningless. Matt and I wanted to show you how much we love you and how much we appreciate your support. The best way we knew how to do that was, not in meaningless words, but physically. We had to seduce you. We know you would never have had sex with us voluntarily. We're sorry about that, but we are definitely not sorry that we were able to show you how much we love you and in the way we did."When Alan finished, Mike began to cry. "It's all right," Mike assured them. "I'll need to get used to the whole thing, but I can't be angry with you when you tell me that you did it for love. I enjoyed every minute of it, and I want to do it again and try new things, if that's Ok with you guys." They responded by jumping all over him and kissing him all over, and I do mean all over."You guys have done this with David and Jonathan haven't you?" he asked. The boys nodded sheepishly. "Now," he said, "you guys turn in while I clean up and erase all traces of you before Mom gets home. He picked up his clothes, shut the light and closed the door.Now, one must wonder. Is Michael a latent homosexual? Many people would say, yes, but I disagree. I don't believe there is such a thing as a latent homosexual. In my eyes, Michael is a suppressed homosexual. That's a big difference. The proof is that he secretly harbored lustful desires for David and Jonathan, but feared to act preteen bomb models on them. Whenever he was with them, he always found reasons to hug them, to embrace them, kiss them on the cheek or whatever tender act preteen pass forum he could get away with as a close friend.As soon as he was washed and had on a pair of boxers, he went downstairs. It was only 9 PM and he phoned the twins. "There's really something very important I need to speak to you about," he told the Caldwells, "but not now, not on the phone. It's about our sons. Can you meet me for lunch tomorrow?"Jon was on the phone and said immediately, "Of course. Where shall we meet?"Mike gave them the name of a restaurant preteen masturbate boy near their office which was so dark and intimate that it actually had a reputation as a trysting place. "At noon," he said and hung up."What was all that about?" David wanted to know. Jon filled him in on Mike's meager conversation. David was silent for a while, thinking. He was always the more insightful brother."Son of a bitch," he yelled. "Those little sex hounds have seduced Michael.""You're nuts," was Jon's not so insightful response."It makes sense," David added. "They seduced us, and they didn't want to leave Mike out. I'm calling him right back.""Cool it," Jon advised. "Tomorrow is another day."Mike got to the restaurant first and was able to get a corner booth in the darkest part of the restaurant. It was so secluded that unless you were right at the table with them, you could not hear their conversation. In a very short while the waiter brought over the twins. Mike jumped up and embraced them both. But he always did that so the act had no significance, yet.They waited until they had placed their order, and Jon said to Mike, "OK buddy, what's up."Mike began to narrate the events of last evening, describing in detail, the seduction, including his story about Shelly. The only thing he left out was his lustful desire for the two men at the table with him. By the time he was through, all three men had throbbing, erect rods."How upset are you?" David asked. "Are you going to have us thrown in jail?"David's arm was on the table. Mike rested his hand on David's arm and said. "I'm not upset at all. I loved it. I want to do it again. I want more. That's why I had to talk to you guys. I don't understand myself or what's happening. I need your help. Also I have a suggestion, or call it a nudist preteen tgp proposition, whatever, but we'll talk about that later."David put his other hand on Mike's so that now Mike's hand was cradled between both of David's hands. Pretty intimate, I would say. They talked for over an preteen girls hot hour and actually came to a conclusion. Jon summed it up."You don't become gay overnight," he said. You discovered your true sexuality with Shelly, but when Shelly turned to girls, you felt it was best to fool yourself and you turned sexy angels preteens to girls also. Don't blame our boys. Sooner or later sexy preteens girl you would have discovered the true you.""You're probably right," he agreed. "I remember when Alan came out, I was actually happy for him. I was happy that he could now lead the life secret preteen vids he was meant to lead. A straight father would not have reacted that way.""Yeah!" David nodded. "By the way what were you meaning to propose?""Now that the five of us have this little secret between us, I feel preteen masturbate boy a real connection, a close bond to you guys and, of course, to Matty, who's a son to me now. How about the five of us arrange a boys', or I should say, a men's getaway weekend. We could go fishing, hiking, camping or whatever Phyllis might believe." He winked wickedly at the twins. "We'd have a helluva time," he said.David and Jonathan thought it was a great idea and agreed readily. "Hey," Jon said to Mike, "in honor of the occasion, I want to give you a present. Can you take a couple of more hours off?" Mike nodded his head so Jon got out his cell phone and made a call."A very handsome man named Mike Buckman will be coming around shortly for a massage. Give him the works, you're very best, and put it on my tab. Yeah, I love you too."He turned to Mike. "Do you know Crystal's Gym?" he asked."Yes, sure.""Go there right now," Jon said. "Ask for Juan. Tell him Jonathan Caldwell sent you. He has a special gift for you from us. Go man, we'll take care of the lunch bill."That afternoon, Juan brought Michael to new heights of ecstasy. When he left the gym, his head was spinning. He couldn't go back to his office and he knew that if he went home, Phyllis would certainly see the change in him. Instead, he went to a movie and he stayed until he felt that he was firmly planted back on earth.During the next few days, he and the twins chose a weekend to get away with the boys. They told Phyllis that they were going hiking, but booked two adjoining rooms in a gay, clothing optional hotel in the Poconos. They leased a mini van and started their trip right after school one Friday. They arrived at the hotel just before the main dining room closed and had a wonderful dinner together. Michael never stopped grinning during the entire car trip. His fantasy of sex with the twins was going to happen after all. For their part, the twins were just as anxious to explore Mike's body as he was theirs. To be continued...
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